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Climbing Psychology Book

Climbing psychology book


Many years ago, I had a few incidences where the fear of falling became a huge thing in my head, due to a bad belayer.  Which prevented me from pushing my climbing, and left me not enjoying the activity I love so much.  It became such a big issue in my head, it prevented me from trying moves where I could fall.  I lost my self belief, and stopped enjoying climbing.  Every time I climbed close to my limit, I shouted “Take”.  So, I researched the fear of falling, read books, and tried lots of different things to try and overcome it.  Once I felt that I made progress, I realised I was not the only one suffering from the fear of falling.


So, I created a workshop to try and help climbers come up with a simple structure to help deal and work with this fear.  I ran this workshop for 6-7 years, and had lots of success stories from it.  I felt I needed to help more people, and learn more about the subject, which is not covered well in the climbing community.  So decided to, when I had time, to put pen to paper, and come up with a climbing psychology book.  To give the climbing community an understanding and structure around the subject.


Writing down my thoughts, ideas I came across running these workshops, and ideas given to me by the students, as well as lots of research, I finally had the time to write a climbing psychology book.


The concept behind the book, is that I have tried to explain an extremely complicated subject in an easy-to-understand language.  Making it accessible to most climbers.  There are of course some complicated terms in the book, but hopefully explained very well.  I could have written a book on each chapter, but wanted to keep it relevant and concise.


If you are interested, and would like your own copy of the Climbing Psychology book, please follow the link below:


Climbing Psychology book