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“It’s not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves”

 Sir Edmund Hillary

Rise & Summit Climbing, Hillwalking & Mountaineering courses


Rise & Summit is a mountain skills training and guiding company offering courses in Rock Climbing, Scrambling, Mountaineering, Winter Skills, Winter climbing and Navigation, as well as the spectacular Cliff Camping experiences to suit any level of expertise.

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Trad Falling Workshop

Have you ever felt that when you go trad climbing that you will not push the grades, as you are not willing to take falls on your trad climbing protection.  Or do you lack confidence in your placements, and are unsure wether these may hold a fall.  Then this is the perfect workshop for you.  We will be looking at all sorts of climbing protection, and testing them out, to see how they work.  Most importantly, you will gain confidence in your own placements.



Trad Falling Workshop