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Top 5 VDiff climbs at Wintours Leap

Top 5 VDiff climbs at Wintours Leap

Here I have listed my top 5 Vdiff climbs at Wintours Leap:

  • Central Rib Route III
  • Original Route
  • Bottle Buttress
  • Corner Buttress 1
  • Corner Buttress 2


Wintours Leap is a limestone cliff, towering over and almost kissing the river Wye.  Just 2 miles north of Chepstow, renowned for its steep and overhanging cliffs.  The climbing tends to be more technical, and delicate, with the choice of lots of multi-pitch routes.


Wintours Leap boasts of more than 300 routes.  If you are new to the cliff, route finding can be tricky at times, and please go careful on the climbs.  This particular limestone is prone to erosion, so please make sure that whatever you hold is secure, and same goes for gear placements.


Here are my top 5 VDiff climbs at Wintours Leap, in no particular order.


Central Rib Route III is one of Wintours Leap’s classics.  A little polished higher up, with some incredible climbing, and a few cheeky moves for the grade.  The views are worth the adventure.


Original Route is situated on the Great Wall, which is almost at the far end of Wintours Leap.  A four pitch route, diagonally ascending the cliff face.  The views are spectacular, and the climbing straight forward.


Bottle Buttress zig zags its way up the Far South Bay cliff at Wintours Leap.  It is a four pitch route, with a few spicy moves for the grade.  The preplaced pegs, the exposed climbing, and the stunning views make it a must-do climb.


Corner Buttress 1 is a climb at the far-left side of the Central Bay area at Wintours Leap.  The route is climbed on the left side of the arete, up the square-cut corner.  Good climbing, good protection, with a few harder moves, which can be avoided should you choose to.


Corner Buttress 2, as for Corner Buttress 1, a climb at the far-left side of the Central Bay area at Wintours Leap.  However, this route climbs the right side of the arete.  With the security of mostly tree belays, it is a stunning climb.  Again, like for Corner Buttress 1, the harder moves can be avoided, if you feel your head is not feeling it.


Here are my top 5 VDiff climbs at Wintours Leap.  If you would like some advice on any of the above routes, or others at Wintours Leap, please feel free to get in contact.  We would be happy to help.


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