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Progression from beginner to climber

Progression from beginner to climber   Here I’ll be describing the steps you can take to progress from complete beginner to climber, regarding the skills gained (taking away the learning of climbing movement).  I’m just describing the steps to take, and assuming that you will gain experience first before moving onto the next step.  Some […]


Freedom and entrapment

The feeling of freedom and entrapment is common as a climber, father and husband.  As a climber, I want to climb more.  Being a husband, I want to spend more time with my wife.  As a father, I want to spend more time with my kids.  Then there is work.  (Having worked very hard at […]


Success and failure

  22 October 2017 – Success and failure are part of climbing? Right?? After a recent trip to Yosemite Valley, I came back with mixed emotions.  I had set out to try and rope solo a route on the mighty El Capitan.  Managing to get to the top of pitch 12, then an old injury […]