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3 days

Fort William, West Highlands


2024 DATES
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Have you ever wanted to go snowholing.  Here you can, try something different, and spend a night in a snowhole, in Scotland.  It is a survival technique used by many of the explorers, survivalists and adventurers through the centuries.  On our snowholing course, you have the opportunity, to build your own snow shelter and spend the night in them.


On the Snowholing course, we will cover the following areas:

  • Basic winter skills
  • How to construct a snow shelter
  • Different types of snow/emergency shelters
  • Site selection
  • Safety issues


The snowholing course is 3 days long, and is run in the West Highlands, using Fort William as a base. The client-to-instructor ratio does not exceed 6:1, to ensure that we can give you our fullest attention.


All of our courses are tailored to suit your availability and experience, taking into account any individual needs and fitness levels.



Fort William, West Highlands



We will discuss any specific kit requirements with you when you make a booking.


Minimum Requirements

This course is suitable for anyone.  No previous experience is necessary. But having attended our winter skills course would be beneficial, but not necessary.  The winter skills needed for the course will be covered on day one of the course.  Winter conditions in the Scottish Highlands can be demanding, and a fair degree of fitness and determination would be beneficial. If in doubt about whether the course is suitable for you, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Typical Snowholing course layout

Day one will consist of looking at winter skills.  How to use crampons, an ice axe, basic navigation and choosing an appropriate site for a snow hole.  In the afternoon, we will have time to pack for the 2-day snow hole experience.

Before we set off on day two, we will spend time assessing the weather, snow and avalanche conditions.  This enables us to choose a safe route and detect potential avalanche terrain, and plan our journey.


Once we have checked all of the kit, we set off into the mountains.  Navigating to a site which would have accumulated enough snow for us to dig our snow shelters/snow holes, our accommodation for the evening.


We will settle in for a cosy evening of cooking and admiring view.  Before nodding and snuggling up in our sleeping bags.


In the morning we will have breakfast with fantastic view, before we set back off to civilisation again.


The snowholing course location tends to be dictated to us by the weather.  So we stay flexible and will either snowhole in the West Highlands or the Cairngorms.


If you are unsure that the snowholing course is suitable for you.  Please do not hesitate to contact us on or call us on 07775 853 348, and we would be happy to help.

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