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Mountain Weather Forecast

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Mountain Weather Forecast

The Mountain Weather Information Service (MWIS) produces a detailed mountain weather forecast for the main mountain areas in Scotland, England and Wales.

The Metoffice also produce detailed weather forecasts for 7 main mountain areas across the UK.

The accuracy of mountain weather forecast is improving decade by decade.  You should always bear in mind that weather, particularly in mountainous areas, is extremely unpredictable. Even short-term forecasts are unreliable. At best, forecasters are making a statement about the probability of certain weather conditions.  Especially where they perceive a likelihood of extreme weather conditions.

So weather forecasts are hugely important to walkers, scramblers, climbers and skiers, and should always be consulted.  But can never be taken as the definitive truth. Your own observations of weather conditions on the day should always override even the most confident forecast!

The following areas covered by Metoffice and MWIS are useful to us:

English forecasts:

Welsh forecasts:

Scottish forecasts:

We always compare at least two weather forecasts, to provide us information and reduce any discrepancies we come across.  But please keep in mind, these are only forecasts, although very good nowadays.  These are predictions based on historical information, and history does not always repeat itself.