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Tindeq 300


The Tindeq 300 is an impressive training partner. A versatile, lightweight and easy to use tool. Train, rehab or use it as a warm up at the crag, it does it all.

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Features and benefits


  • Rechargeable battery (USB-C)
  • Lightweight at 170 gr
  • Connects to app on smartphone
  • Tracks training progress
  • Can take up to 300Kg of force/weight
  • 100 hours of training time on a single charge
  • Very versatile
  • The associated app has great training data trackers


The Tindeq 300 is a device which measures a load, connected to you mobile via an app.  It can measure concentric or isometric load and can be a great tool to use as part of a training session or a warm up at a crag.  Generally used by climbers to measure finger strength.


I can also see this being a great tool to be used in a rehab setting, where you can precisely measure resistance, and keep track of progress.  If you are a bit geeky with your training, or you like to know exact numbers when warming up, this is definitely the tool you want to use.  And can be helpful in injury prevention.


The Tindeq 300 used to have a wooden cover.  This has now been changed to a plastic cover due to being able to clean it more easily, and it holds its form, hence greater longevity.


As a warm up tool

When you are looking to go climbing at the crag, you can use the Tindeq 300 as a warm up tool.  Measuring the exact numbers associated with your warm up.  So, here you can slowly increase the tension, and keep track of it.  Your perfect warm up partner, just a shame it can’t belay 😏.


As a training tool

If, like me, you like to keep track of the numbers in your climbing training, this is the perfect tool for you.  It has the ability to show you the following data:

  • Live data
  • Peak Load – Highest force in a session.You even have the ability to compare left and right hands, to analyse any inconsistencies.
  • Endurance – here you can set the duration of the tension you’d like to apply, where you can even set the percentage of your max strength output
  • RFD – Rate of Force Development – refers to explosive force you are able to exert from resting position
  • Repeaters – You can set the reps, working time, resting time between reps and sets, as well as set your target power output as a percentage of max strength output.
  • Critical Force – will help you determine where you stand with your forearm aerobic endurance.It measures the force you are able to exert over a long period of time.  I had never done this before, and tried this out for the first time on the Tindeq 300.


As a rehab tool

I can see the Tindeq 300 being used by physios or by climbers when rehabbing from an injury.  A great way to keep track of progress.  For example, when recovering from a pulley injury.  It means you can gently apply an increased amount of pressure over time.  A very safe and calculated way to record improvements.


How to set up at home

How to set up at the crag




  • 300Kg
  • Easy to use
  • Great app to connect and give you data
  • Great training tool
  • No more guesswork
  • Rechargeable battery (Takes 2 hours to be fully charged)
  • 100 hours of use from a full charge
  • Made in Norway
  • Lightweight
  • Great recording features via the app
  • It can store data, which can be named and filed to keep track of progress
  • Versatile – can be used to measure force/resistance any way you like
  • Made of plastic – means it is easy to clean and keeps it shape



  • No charge lead in the box



The Tindeq 300 is a fantastic addition to your training, tracking all of your progress.  An easy to use, lightweight and versatile training companion.  And way cheaper than a training program bought over the internet.  Great way to stay competitive with yourself 🧐.

If you are pondering whether to go for the Tindeq 150 or 300, go for the 300.  For a little extra cost, you can be sure to hang heavier loads without possibly getting close to its limit.  Also, the 300 is rechargeable, with a 100hours of use on one full charge.


The measuring programs available on the app.

Endurance settings on the app.

Critical Force measurement on the app (worth trying, but hard work 😅)

Rate of Force Development meaurement on the app