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Pongoose Climber 700 Clipstick Review


If you are looking for a partner in sport climbing, look no further. Pongoose have thought of everything. The Pongoose Climber 700 has all the features a clipstick could need, and more.

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Features and benefits

  • Multi-directional head and bracket that can be angled to clip or brush in any direction
  • Smoothly retrieves quickdraws from routes
  • Compatible with any quickdraw currently on the market
  • Solid aluminium clipstick head which securely holds your quickdraw
  • Smoothly and reliably clips the quickdraw into a bolt or the rope into a quickdraw
  • Replace the clipstick head with the adapted Pongoose brush with threaded insert for brushing holds
  • Replace the clipstick head with your action camera to make the ultimate filming boom
  • Clip to your harness via the bracket to be hands-free
  • Compact sized pole and removable head unit allow ease of packing in your luggage
  • Heads anodised in a choice of five bright, eye-catching colours; purple, orange, green, turquoise or gunmetal
  • Mix up your colour scheme with the two spare silicone beads included
  • Satin anodised black telescopic pole and gunmetal bracket as standard
  • Extended length: approx 2.85m (with head unit)
  • Collapsed length: approx 720mm (without head unit)
  • Weight: 600g (with head unit)


The Pongoose Climber 700 is an extremely well thought out design.  It took Rob (the designer) several years to fine tune this piece of craftsmanship. And let me tell you, it is an incredible piece of engineering.



Firstly, it clips quickdraws into bolts, which is what you expect from a clipstick.   The Pongoose Climber 700 does it with ease.  The design of the head means that the quickdraw will be clipped horizontally.  This makes the process so much easier.  You can actually see what you are doing.  Also, on some routes, there may be a bump underneath a bolt, which would make clipping a bolt more awkward with a clipstick from a competitors’ brand. Pongoose have solved this problem.


The shape of the head allows the carrying of any quickdraw with the weight of a rope when clipping that bolt. Without the quickdraw falling off, due the rope’s weight, or accidentally knocking the rock.


You can also lasso clip quickdraws. By this I mean that you can clip the rope into a preplaced quickdraw.   Initially, I thought this may take some practice to get right, but got it first time, and every time thereafter.

One feature of the Pongoose Climber 700, that really stands out, is that it can retrieve clips (quickdraws).  In the past it has been a case of finishing the route, to be able to retrieve the quickdraws.  By climbing it, or pulling up on the rope once the quickdraws were placed above.  Now, if you do not have the energy left to send your project, you use the Pongoose Climber 700 to retrieve the quickdraw(s).

The clever design of the bracket, and the small silicone beads, is that it grips the back bar of the carabiner, preventing any slippage.  Making retrieval very easy, and straight forward.

Another feature within its design, is that you can hook the rope, to retrieve it.  Leaving it tied into the quickdraw(s) within reach, hence keeping yourself safe from a potential ground fall.  Saving having to clip the first few clips unprotected.


The bracket, on the Pongoose Climber 700, can be angled to make the placement of quickdraws and clipping of rope easier. To help you with this, Pongoose have the markings “R” & “Q”.  Again, very straightforward.  Angle the bracket on “Q” for placing quickdraws into a bolts.  Angle the bracket on “R” when lasso clipping, or retrieving quickdraws.  Or angle the bracket all the way, to hook the rope.

The eyelet, on the bracket allows for easy attachment to either your harness, or rope, when the clipstick is needed higher up on the route.

The anodised head, looks like a piece of art, with a range of 5 colours available, and each one of them handmade by Rob, from Pongoose. Meaning that quality control is very high.  I am all for supporting local companies where I can.  Especially when these companies produce innovative and quality products.


The Pongoose Climber 700 may be expensive, but quality usually comes at a price.  The Pongoose Climber 700 retails at £85.  £95 if you include the Pongoose threaded brush.


From the extendable stick used, to the bracket, and the anodised head.  Even the screw, which fixes the head, a camera or the Pongoose climbing brush is of high quality.  Most of the parts are made of metal, which will also add to the longevity of the clipstick.  It will certainly outlive its competitors.

The anodised head can be removed, and replaced with either a camera, or Pongoose’s own threaded climbing brush. It can accompany you on your sport climbing or bouldering adventures.  Cleaning those high out of reach holds, from the comfort of solid ground. Together with the moveable bracket that means you can brush all holds at any angle, even undercuts high up.

The Pongoose Climber 700 has so many features, it comes with its own instructions, as well as instructional videos on their website (link).  Definitely worth a visit, so you know exactly what you can do with the Pongoose Climber 700. The clipstick is so easy to use. A well thought out design.  I initially thought this may be tricky to use, especially when it comes to lasso clipping or retrieving quickdraws.  But to my surprise, I managed to do this first time. Credit to the design.


The Pongoose Climber 700 is also very easy to pack for travel in a bag or rucksack.  It comes into three parts; the head, the bracket, and the extendable stick.



  • Clips quickdraws
  • Clips rope into quickdraws (lasso clip)
  • Retrieves quickdraws
  • Hooks rope down
  • Quality materials
  • Easy to use
  • Beautiful looking design
  • Stays fairly rigid when fully extended
  • Can attach a camera or Pongoose’s own threaded brush
  • Easy to pack for travel
  • If any part is damaged, Pongoose sell each part individually
  • Handmade in the UK



  • Really scraping the bottom of the barrel here, but it is a little pricey.  You pay for quality, and the money goes to support a UK based company.


The Pongoose Climber 700 is currently available in one length, measuring at 2.85m at full extension.  You will be glad to know that they will be releasing a longer version of their clipstick, sometime around the summer.  So watch that space!


I cannot praise the Pongoose Climber 700 clipstick enough.  It is an incredible, well-thought-out design, put together by a climber, and very well engineered.  By far the more superior clipstick on the market.  Although it may be pricey, you get a lot for your money.  A high-quality UK-manufactured product, easy to use, with all the functions you need to go sport climbing.


If you are interested in purchasing the Pongoose Climber 700, please click the link below:

Pongoose clipstick