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Black Diamond airNET harness Review


If you are looking for a climbing harness where its all about performance and weight, then look no further. The Black Diamond airNET harness was produced in collaboration with Adam Ondra, to create a superlight innovative harness, without the extra thrills.

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Features and benefits

  • Athlete driven—designed in collaboration with Adam Ondra
  • Patented airNET Technology is ultra-breathable for high-end performance while distributing loads evenly across the “net” during falls
  • Patented Infinity Loop for belaying, which is durable, lightweight and seamless.
  • Two pressure moulded gear loops in front; Lightweight low-profile webbing gear loops in back



With the Black Diamond airNET harness, the first thing that stands out is its weight. At 235 grammes, it is the lightest harness in the world (currently).  With its innovative airNET technology, it allows less material to be used, whilst keeping its strength.  The internal structure of the waist band is made from a materials called dynex, and shaped into a fishnet.  Hence less material has been used.  When you first pick up the harness, it feels so light, you may start to doubt whether it can hold your weight, let alone a fall.  Just to reassure you, we tested the harness to its full capacity, with taking falls on it.



The harness feels very comfortable when you put it on.  Its tapered shape on the waist belt and leg loops add to its comfort.   And its lightweight design adds to the feeling of almost not wearing a harness.  And when you are trying to perform at your limit, whether you are projecting a 6a or 9a, every gram helps.


The waist band also has a no-seam technology, to help with the longevity of the harness.  No visible stitching, means no stitches to rub loose when climbing.



The infinity loop

The Black Diamond airNET harness has an infinity loop.  “What is an infinity loop?” you ask.  Well, it is a belay loop without the overlap which has been stitched together.  As the belayer, it is a great feature, because there is nothing for your carabiner to catch on.  Hence the name, infinity loop.  Also, if as a climber you are dogging a route, and choose to clip onto a bolt, there is nothing to catch on the belay loop.



I think this is another great innovative design feature by Black Diamond.  Adding to the longevity of the harness.


The one area Black Diamond have not tried to save weight on is the attachment points on the harness.  As ever, these feel very hardwearing and strong.  Giving the wearer the reassurance of quality and durability.


Gear loops

The Black Diamond airNET harness has 4 gear loops.  The two gear loops at the front have a protective plastic mould to add to its durability.  The two at the back have not, to try and save a few grammes.  Each gear loop can hold around 9-10 quickdraws.  So, you could be working a long project.


Adjustment points

The Black Diamond airNET harness has a speed buckle as an adjustable buckle on the waist.  Some people really like these, as it is simple and quick to use.   Some people prefer the older style rethreading buckle, as this gives them more reassurance of safety.  It is a matter of opinion.  I really like the speed buckle, for its ease of use.  This really comes into its own when conditions may be a little colder, and your fingers may struggle with the rethreading of an older style buckle.



Black Diamond have decided to make the leg loops a fixed size.  Personally, I do like these for sport climbing harnesses, as there is less ‘faff’.


The Black Diamond airNET harness is comfortable to wear as belayer or climber.  The waist belt webbing moulds itself easily, and helps spread the weight around the waist.  Making it a comfortable harness to wear when working a route.  The airNET technology allows for breathability which helps reduce sweating.  It also allows the harness to be very supple, together with the padding making it a comfortable harness to wear.


Extra note

If I had to come up with a negative point, it would be its price tag.  Coming in at a wopping £150, it is very expensive. The reason for the higher price tag, is the airNET technology, which is one of Black Diamond’s patented innovations.  So, if weight matters, the cost seems admissible.



  • Lightweight – 235gramme
  • 4 gear loops
  • Infinity belay loop
  • Speed buckle
  • Breathable waist belt
  • Comfortable harness
  • Harnesses available for men and women



  • Price



The Black Diamond airNET harness has a very innovative and clever design.  Lightweight, performance driven and a no-thrills harness.  The perfect sport climbing or gym climbing partner.


Black Diamond airNET harness