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Edelrid Jul 2 Review


Having used the Edelrid Jul 2 over the last month. It is a simple and beautiful piece of engineering manufactured by Edelrid. It is an assisted braking belay device, without the complications of moving parts, and levers.

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You load the rope, clip on the carabiner and off you go.  Whether you are a beginner, or you have been climbing for a while, it is easy to use.  There is a slot in the device for the carabiner to sit into once loaded, this seems to help with locking the rope when weighted.

I have tried to see if there is any slippage if, once the rope is weighted, and you lift up the dead rope to give some slack, and the rope is locked in there (we used a 10mm rope, please never let go of the dead rope, it is an ASSISTED braking device).  Unlike some of the other non-mechanical assisted braking devices on the market, this seems to be truly superior than most of its competitors.  A very intent and innovative design by Edelrid.

The way the Edelrid Jul 2 works is that when the rope is weighted, the rope pulls the carabiner up into the slot, wedging the rope tight to the device, locking the rope into place. When you want to release the device, you place your thumb in the thumb loop, tilt the device, you then release the tension, for either lowering, or paying out rope again.

A small bit of plastic covers the inside of the handle, making it comfortable when feeding out rope, or lowering.  The curved groove which the rope runs over, is shaped to help with the longevity of your rope.  As well as the smooth and efficient handling of the rope.

Like most of the other devices I have used, by Edelrid, they have used a high quality stainless steel, making it a little heavy, but again, it is of high quality.  And I am sure, this will outlast its competitors.

The Edlerid Jul 2 can takes ropes between 8.9mm – 11mm, which is a large range.  When paying out rope, you can feed it as fast as you can manage.  If operated properly, it will never accidentally lock. So no more frustrated climbers trying to pull up slack when they are climbing on their limit.


  • Beautiful design
  • Locks rope really well when taking a leader fall
  • Cheap
  • Efficient handling rope
  • High quality materials used for its design
  • Longevity
  • Rope friendly
  • No moving parts


  • The only thing I can think of is that if you are not used to using a non-mechanical assisted braking belay device, it may take a few goes before you get used to operating it. But then it feels like I am really scraping the bottom of the barrel.


For an assisted braking belay device, it is amongst the cheaper ones on the market.  Providing quality, efficiency, and easy handling at a low price.