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Camp Matik Belay Device


What a beautifully crafted piece of engineering. I almost did not want to use it, as it looks like a piece of art. I used it over the space of a month. It may be small, but it is very ingenious.

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You load the rope by moving the cam down, push the rope in, lift it over the cam, then clip your locking carabiner onto the device and belay loop of your harness, very simple.

If you happen to pay out rope too fast and lock its mechanism, you just release the pressure, by not tugging on the live rope, and start feeding rope again.  The camming device is a little more sensitive than the Edelrid Eddy, but again, nowhere near as sensitive as the Petzl GriGri.  If by accident you do pull too hard, paying out slack, just release the pressure, the cam will then release, and off you go again.  Again, another assisted braking device, where there is no need to put a hand or thumb on the cam to release the pressure to be able to feed rope out.  This is a much safer way of belaying.

Camp say that you use the Matik with a thumb on the device if you need to pay out slack fast (see pictures below).  But I did not feel I had to do that.

The Camp Matik also has an anti-panic lowering handle, meaning that if you are lowering someone, or yourself, too fast, the mechanism locks.  Meaning you cannot lower yourself/climber too fast to the ground. Very cool feature.  It is nowhere near as sensitive as the GriGri+, which can be a frustrating device to use.

The Camp Matik’s gradual camming action, claims to reduce the impact force on the climber in case of a fall.  Where it allows the gradual braking of the rope.  This means that there is a slight amount of rope that gradually slips through the device as its braking.  Which helps with the longevity of the rope, and a softer catch on the falling climber.  Another feature that helps with the longevity of a rope is its curved design, upon which the rope runs.

Another advantage of the Camp Matik is that it will take ropes as thin as 8.6mm.  And with the technology regarding ropes ever increasing, single ropes have been getting thinner over the years.  Again, adding to the climber wanting to go lightweight.



  • Beautiful piece of engineering
  • Very light
  • Price
  • Anti-panic lowering
  • Easy to use
  • Not that sensitive at paying out rope (meaning it doesn’t lock as easily as the GriGri)
  • Single ropes from 8.6mm can be used
  • Gradual camming action



  • The anti-panic function is a great feature, but takes a few goes to get used to lowering without accidentally pulling the handle too hard (which causes the mechanism to lock)



A sport climber’s perfect partner, especially if you want to go with the thinner ropes and go lightweight.  The Camp Matik is a beautifully crafted piece of art.  Lightweight, easy to use and its design creates a softer catch.