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Climbing coaching

Climbing Coaching

Climbing is an all engrossing activity that challenges you mentally and physically. Sometimes we plateau, and cant seem to progress in our climbing. We can help.

At Rise & Summit, we can provide coaching 1:1, or group sessions. We can look at your movement, and improve upon it. We can help you come up with a training plan to achieve that climbing goal. We can also help with the mental aspect of climbing, whether this is dealing with the fear of falling, or the fear of failure.

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Here at Rise & Summit we provide climbing coaching.  We will coach you to become a better climber.  Whether you feel you need advice on movement, a specific training schedule put in place, or need assistance with the psychological part of climbing.

Scroll down for an overview of the services we provide, or browse the menus above to find information on a specific course.

Coaching Elements

Movement and Training Coaching

Movement and Training Coaching

from 1 hour upwards
from £25 per hour
All levels
Upon request
Psychology Workshop

Psychology Workshop

5 hours
from £60 per person
Upon request
Trad Climbing Falling Workshop

Trad Climbing Falling Workshop

1 day
£70 per person