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We offer TV & Film safety services from cast and crew safety, to stunt doubles rope rigging to get to awkward places and training, whether this is in extreme mountainous environments, cliffs or off the side of buildings.

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TV & Film safety

The outdoor environment provides a great canvas for TV, music videos, film production, commercials or photography.  With it come its own set of challenges, regarding staff safety, project management, logistics and camera positioning.  We offer TV & Film safety services.


From full project management to specific location safety.    Wether you are looking to film on the side of a building, a cliff or in a mountainous environment.  We can be there to assist you with your project.  Helping you find the perfect location for your filming/photography project, all across the world.  We can be there in an advisory role, or in a more hands on full project management capacity.


Helping you get the perfect camera angle in awkward terrain, on the side of a cliff for your documentary, in snowy terrain, on skis, or even ice climbing.  We can also provide stunt doubles for climbing, abseiling or rope work stunts for the film industry.  As well as general safety in mountainous areas for you and the film crew.  Our safety sepcialists are always happy to help.


We can provide help with the following:

  • Location Scouting
  • Location Risk Assessments
  • Cast and Crew Safety
  • Stunt Doubles
  • Camera positioning and technical rigging
  • Training of actors and crew
  • Drone pilots
  • Photographers used to working at height
  • Remote medical support
  • Expedition logistics

We have a highly qualified and experienced team to advice you on all aspects of film & tv safety.  Helping you stay safe at height and in harsh environments.  Whether your project is due to be filmed in London off one of the taller buildings, the side of a cliff in a mountainous area like North Wales, the sea cliffs around Britain, or snowy topped mountains in the Alps and across the globe, or on skis.  We are happy to help.


Please feel free to contact us and discuss your project to see how we can assist you.  Or even to have a chat to see what we think may be possible.  We like to think that there is nothing which is impossible, it just may require harder work and an imagination.